Our Mission

The mission of the East Granby Historical Society shall be the preservation and promotion of East Granby heritage. To that end, the Society will undertake, foster, and support efforts that protect and preserve material culture, from documents and personal effects to buildings and landmarks, that are representative of East Granby history or its people. Further, the Society will sponsor programs and events that facilitate historic awareness of the towns unique historic character, resources, and people.


President: Nancy Moody

Vice President: John Rusnock

Secretary: VACANT

Treasurer: Phil Fontaine

Board of Directors

Sheri Biter (through 2022)

Sharon Casabella (through 2023)

Bob Ravens-Seger (through 2024) 

Sharon Wolf (through 2022)

Dee Kalafus (through 2022

Board Postion: VACANT


Ruth Westervelt