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 Sunday, September 18, 5-6:30

the Guard House at Old Newgate Prison

"Enslaved for Life: Re-examining Connecticut's Prince Mortimer"

A Lecture by John Mills, the first in the 2022-2023 speaker series 

John brings to light the largely untold story of Prince Mortimer, a slave in the Mortimer household of Middletown, CT, who was sentenced to life in Newgate Prison, while evaluating the ripple effects of a past time to the challenges of today.  In this riveting lecture , John traces his personal path in discovering his own ties to slavery and the challenges he would face in attempting to find information that would tell a comprehensive accounting of the life of Prince Mortimer. 

The East Granby Historical Society  and Friends of Old New-Gate Prison & Copper Mine are co-sponsoring this program.

Light Refreshments will be served- The lecture is free, donations are accepted!

NOTE: There will NOT be a business meeting before the program.

Sunday,December 4, 2:30-pm

East Granby Public Library

Free and open to the public (the program will follow a brief 2:00 business meeting)


Presented by Dr. Amanda Goodheart Parks

Her image has adorned everything from lunchboxes to lampshades, but what is the real story of Rosie the Riveter?  Together we will trace her journey from propaganda poster to feminist icon while uncovering the history of the real life Rosies who not only inspired that infamous bicep, but whose work in wartime industries helped secure Allied victory during World War II.  

Dr. Parks is a public historian whose work can be seen on the History Channel, has been award by the American Alliance of Museums and is featured at museums and historic sites across New England.  She specializes in history of women and gender.

Light Refreshments will be served- The lecture is free, donations are accepted!

Saturday ,March 25, 10:30 am - 11:30 am

East Granby Public Library

Sunday ,June 4, 2:30 pm 

East Granby Senior/Community Center

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