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For much more town historical information, please visit the historical room at the East Granby Public Library. Many old documents and photographs are archived in the collection. Call the library at (860) 653-3002 for an appointment.

What's here:

East Granby Chronology


Old Documents

First town report, 1872

Official ballots for town elections, 1891

Letter to the General Assembly showing John Griffin’s signature


Old Area Maps

Early land grants at Turkey Hills, 1672–1723

Southeast section of Turkey Hills, 1750

Copper Hill section of East Granby, 1840

Composition of East Granby, 1858

Southwest section of East Granby, 1901

Center of East Granby


Old Historical Buildings

Viets Tavern

Old Newgate Prison

Clark House

Congregational Meethouse

Methodist-Episcopal Meetinghouse

Joseph Penney house

Leon Viets home, 81 North Main Street


Town Cemeteries

Center Cemetery

Copper Hill Cemetery

Elmwood Cemetery

Holcomb Cemetery

Prisoners’ Cemetery

Smallpox Cemetery

Viets Cemetery

Old Schoolhouses

Center District Schoolhouse

Copper Hill Schoolhouse

Falls Schoolhouse

Hazelwood Schoolhouse

North Schoolhouse

South Schoolhouse


General Archives

Notable town citizens

Higley copper coins

Railroad images

First town fire truck

Collecting milk

Engraving of Old Newgate Prison

Indian trails and villages

Wilcox General Store

A Newgate Prisoner’s poem

Book: The Barns of East Granby

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